Unbelievable but true:
Despite its modern design and its timeless functionality the Quikoin in todays shape was already invented in the year 1951 by Frank W. Steere in Akron, Ohio in the United States. Already in the 1950s 50 million pieces of this ingenious little helper were sold. Eversince the Quikoin is very popular in the United States. Since mid 2001 the Quikoin is now available in Europe too exclusively through Quikoin.com.


The Quikoin is produced with the so called dip-mold technique where the mold is dipped into liquid vinyl. This material is extremely durable and is also used in production of high-quality tools. The Quikoin is available in 11 colours and can be imprinted on both
sides with up to four colours each. There are 15 standard ink colours. However any colour provided by our customer in for of a PMS number can be produced thus fitting into your existing marketing design. The recipe of the colours is a well kept secret. Only Quikoin comes with a lifetime guarantee: we guarantee that the imprint will neither chip or wear off. As an option the Quikoin can be provided with a small ball-chain allowing it to be carried on a keyring.

In spite of numerous low quality imitations, the original Quikoin still maintains its top selling position.